Our Mission

Welcome to Irvine Math Academy!

Irvine Math Academy offers a conducive learning environment where your student can attend classes with other motivated individuals who share a common drive for academic excellence. At Irvine Math Academy, your student will receive personalized instruction from our founder and owner, Mohamad Youssef, who also serves as our experienced faculty member. With 17 years of teaching experience across a wide array of math courses at all levels and through various modes of instruction, including online, face-to-face, and hybrid formats, our faculty member is highly skilled in providing tailored guidance to help students excel academically. Your student will have the opportunity to participate in both one-on-one sessions and group classes with like-minded peers who share a passion for academic excellence, all while receiving expert instruction and support from our dedicated faculty member.

Why Irvine Math Academy?

  • Small class sizes: At Irvine Math Academy, we believe in personalized instruction, and that’s why we keep our class sizes small. This allows our students to receive more one-on-one time with our experienced faculty member, ensuring that they receive the guidance and support they need to excel academically.
  • Comprehensive curricula: Our academy offers complete curricula in all math subjects, and we prepare all homework, quizzes, and tests in-house. This ensures that our students receive a comprehensive education in mathematics, with all materials tailored to their needs.
  • Develop a passion for math: Our faculty member is dedicated to inspiring a love of mathematics in our students. Through engaging lessons, challenging assignments, and personalized instruction, we strive to help our students develop a passion and interest for math that will last a lifetime.
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Our Mission

To help gifted and motivated students to increase their academic confidence and realize their full potential in mathematics.

At Irvine Math Academy, students pursue their goals in an environment that values integrity, hard work, and academic responsibility.