• John Choi

    , Arnold O. Beckman High School (enrolled at Harvard University)

    Professor Youssef is undeniably the best math teacher I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. I first approached him seeking extra Calculus instruction for AP exam during my junior year in high school. He not only gave me the confidence to tackle any AP Calculus problem, but also equipped me with critical thinking skills and an unprecedented passion for learning math. Motivated by Professor Youssef to work hard, I earned a score of 5 on both AB and BC portions of the Calculus exam, and I cemented my knowledge of fundamental Calculus. Never have I had a teacher who could teach concepts in such a thorough, yet hilariously entertaining way. There was not one session that I wasn’t laughing until I was on the verge of tears from his side-splitting jokes. Without any reservation, I would highly recommend Professor Youssef as an extremely competent math instructor.

  • Do Yoon Leo Kim

    , Sage Hill H.S. (Enrolled at U. Penn.)

    Professor Youssef is one of the most phenomenal teacher that I have ever met. Usually, students are unable to learn anything from the teachers that they have because of either boredom or befuddling explanations. However, Professor Youssef is unlike any other; his ability to fill the class with elations and his capability to explain even the most difficult problems conspicuously differentiates Professor Youssef from everyone else. His teachings have allowed countless number of students to reach success. After meeting Professor Youssef, I have been able to excel not only in school by getting a 5 on my Calculus BC, but also in math competitions such as AMC. I was able to get the perfect score of 150 on AMC 10, 12 on AIME, and 22 on USAMO. I would never have been able to get this far without the help of Professor Youssef. He is a dedicated and hardworking teacher when, and also a friend who can help me out anytime I need help. His fun and intellectual teachings have allowed me to view math in a totally different perspective, and I am excited to learn more in the future.

  • Andy Kim

    , 10th grade, Arnold O. Beckman

    In different math classes, I often found it hard to concentrate because either the instructor would take hours to get to the point, or give monotonous lectures. Professor Youssef is one of those rare teachers that are able to combine humor and great instruction to make the classes extremely helpful and very enjoyable simultaneously. His class was a great factor in boosting my SAT2 score by almost a hundred in less than two months, and has aided me in math courses at school. Professor Youssef is very organized with his lessons and he makes sure his instruction is comprehensible, and if not he elucidates and expands on the subject, because he never leaves a student behind. He makes sure every question is answered, and all the above confirms why I believe Professor Youssef is the ideal teacher.

  • Menghsuan Pan

    , Corona Del Mar High School (enrolled at MIT)

    Last year was my sophomore year of high school in Corona Del Mar High School, and I was just a typical high school student until an event that changed my life forever. Professor Mohammad Youssef opened my eye to the world of Mathematics, and provided me the chance to compete in Math Olympiad. Professor Youssef discovered my talent in Mathematics in the summer of 2009, and he has been training me since then. We went through countless topics about possible Math Olympiad questions such as Geometry, Algebra, Number Theorem, Inequalities, and Combinatorics.Two days before taking the actual test, I really felt very confident about my math knowledge. I advanced step by step from AMC 12 to AIME, and then to USAMO with the support from Professor Youssef. I would not have been able to advance as far as I have without the training from Professor Youssef.

  • Brandon Kim

    , Santa Margarita High School (Enrolled at USC)

    My name is Brandon Kim and I am an upcoming freshman in college, about to start my year at the University of Southern California. Professor Mohamad Youssef, or Mo as I would call him, helped me and a friend of mine named Nick Kim preview the material of Calculus AB and BC. This was during the summer of 2014 before I would be taking the California State Fullerton Calculus course and ultimately the Calculus BC AP exam. Professor Youssef was an excellent teacher and probably the key to my success in the class and the AP exam. With his guidance I was able to breeze through the college course, ending with high A’s which reached up to 98% and an AP score of a 4 without any trouble at all. During my sessions with Professor Youssef I was able to accumulate an excellent understanding of the material in a couple months, in contrast to what normally would take a whole school year to fully grasp. Professor Youssef made sure to make good use the two sessions I had every week with him, making sure that I got through all the Calculus BC material without falling behind and getting confused by the rush of information. He was always able to answer my questions in a manner of friendliness and respect which allowed me to feel a great amount of trust in his teaching which obviously paid off. His class sessions never felt tense or intimidating, and I always looked forward to spending time with him on top of learning subjects that I would struggle to learn on my own. On top of this, the homework he gave after each class never felt tedious, and always enough to allow me to fully grasp the mathematical concepts. I do not believe that any other teacher would be as confident in my ability to learn as I was in his ability to teach me a completely new mathematical concept. One thing I remember clearly was the fact that Professor Youssef always had interesting side thoughts or life stories he would share while we were solving practice problems during class. Interestingly enough, instead of being distracting, the stories had actually made it easier to remember the concepts that were taught in class. No class I have taken was as concise and memorable as Professor Youssef’s, and I am really glad that I had been given the opportunity to learn under his wing.

  • Jamie Gu

    , University High School (Enrolled at UC Berkeley)

    I started practicing Math Olympiad when I was in China. When I moved to the U.S. in 2012, I was not very used to the Math Olympiad in America, and I was struggling at the beginning until I met Professor Youssef. I started attending his Math Olympiad classes when I was in 9th grade. After the first class, I knew that it was the right place for me. I was looking for a class that has students who are willing to learn math and a professor who has the passion for teaching: Professor Youssef’s classes were exactly that. Since then, I have attended AMC 10, AMC 11, AMC 12, AIME and USAMO classes. Professor Youssef is a man with deep learning and humor, and his classes are both intense and relaxing. He lectures very well and also leads discussions where people discuss problems together. In his classes, people work very hard and are very productive, but they also have fun. With Professor Mohammad’s help, my scores improved from 91.5 on AMC 12 and 5 on AIME to 132 on AMC 12, 11 on AIME and qualification for USAMO in less than three years. I would not be able to make these improvements without Professor Youssef’s help. Professor Youssef helped me a lot to make accomplishments in math.

  • Kevin Le

    , University High School (Enrolled at UC Berkeley)

    Out of the four years of instruction under Professor Youssef, I have acquired a new way to look at math problems and also have succeeded in mathematics because of it. He has helped me prepare for the AMC 12, where I had become an AIME qualifier, for the SAT II Math Level 2 Subject test, where I had received a perfect score of 800, and for the AP Calculus BC test, where I had a perfect score of 5. Not only has he helped me excel mathematically, but also he taught me important life lessons in areas such as responsibility and work ethic. The most notable lesson was when he explained to us that intelligence is not the most important trait. This lesson was life changing; it altered my views on how to tackle other areas in my life in and outside of mathematics. Professor Youssef really goes beyond expectation in helping his students learn.

  • Taehun Kim

    , University High School (Enrolled at U.C. Berkeley)

    Professor Youssef has guided my success in mathematics competitions ever since I first met him in 8th grade. He breaks down Olympiad-level math questions that require high level problem solving skills and creativity into more incremental, fundamental concepts making the questions much easier to understand. His class curriculum, homework and practice exams are designed to train students to think critically about AMC and AIME level math problems. Without his class, I would not have been able to achieve the same level of success I did, such as a perfect 25 on AMC 8, 132 on AMC 10, 114 on AMC 12, and 9 on AIME. Not only are his classes intuitive and informative, they are also engaging and fun. The critical problem-solving skills I have learned from him have proved useful in many different subjects beyond mathematics.

  • Ryan Phan

    , Troy High School (Enrolled at University of Notre Dame, Indiana)

    Prof. Youssef played an instrumental role in my success on the SAT 2 math subject test. Without his expertise on the tricks and concepts that the SAT 2 constantly presents, it would have been extremely difficult for me to achieve a perfect score of 800 on the SAT 2 test. Prof. Youssef’s collection of practice tests, which touched every concept tested by the real SAT test, prepared me immensely for the test. Along with the tests, Prof. Youssef possessed a large collection of assignments which allowed me to learn and retain the concepts that were taught. Without the help of Prof. Youssef, it could have been virtually impossible to get an 800 on the SAT 2 math test.

  • Taylor Shin

    , Arnold O. Beckman High School (Enrolled at UC San Diego)

    Throughout my life up until sophomore year of high school, I never really liked math. The main reason was that I was never good at math. However, after I started both AMC 10 and SAT Math 2C classes with Professor Youssef, my mind began to gradually change so that I became fond of math. At that time I realized how interesting math was. Although I did not pass AMC 10 nor get a good score on SAT Math 2C, with hard work and guidance of Youssef, the following year I was able to pass AMC 12 with a score of 110, got a score of 7/15 on the AIME, and ace the SAT Math 2C with a perfect score of 800. Thanks to Professor Yousef, I furthered my passion towards math and I even joined my school’s math club and now actively participate in it.

  • Gita Bhattacharya

    , Troy High School

    Professor Youssef constantly challenged us every week with timed practice tests. Also, every class was filled with laughter. Class with Professor Youssef was something I looked forward to throughout the week. Because of his excellent teaching, my [math SAT] score was 790.

  • Sujean Park

    , Troy High School

    Before I took classes at Irvine Math Academy, I had no potential in math at all. Professor Youssef really helped me through every question tested on the Sat 2 Math 2 subject test. He constantly challenged us every week with timed practice tests that really did help me improve my score. Also, every class was filled with laughter. Usually, class would be an obligation, but class with Professor Youssef was something I looked forward to throughout the week. Because of his persistent teaching, I raised my score from a 600 to 770.

  • Alex Lu

    , University High School (enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis)

    Professor Youssef truly understands mathematics from the most basic arithmetic to the post graduate level. This expansive knowledge allows him to teach not only the concepts but also the foundation for the concepts. Thus, he can explain concepts so that you really understand them and can apply them. The concepts can be applied not just to solve basic math problems but for the ones which require critical thinking. He is extremely capable in applying his vast knowledge into thoroughly teaching all levels of Calculus as well as comprehensively preparing students for math competitions such as AMC, AIME, and USAMO. With his generous help on the harder concepts on the AP Calculus BC exam, I scored a 5 on both the BC and AB portions. In addition to his math ability, Professor Youssef has a great sense of humor and an amazing work ethic. He makes class fun and motivates his students to improve without overworking them. Considering all of the above, I would strongly recommend him as a teacher of mathematics at all levels.

  • Santhosh Shunmugaraja

    Test, Santhosh Shunmugaraja Northwood Highschool (Enrolled at UC San Diego)

    Five years ago, Professor Youssef sparked within me an interest in mathematics that I would carry with me until today. Professor Youssef, better known by his students as Mo, provided me with the tools and guidance I would need to qualify for the AIME three years in a row, score perfectly on the SAT Math 2C test, and score a 5 on the AP Calculus BC Exam. As you infer by the results of his students, there is no doubt that Mo is a superhuman math instructor. But what separates Mo from other instructors is that he goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a teacher. He stresses the importance that citizenship, integrity, and hard work has on being successful as a person. Thank you Mo for making a difference in the way that I approach life. I am glad to have met you.