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Private Tutoring/Math Counseling

Are you planning to major in math? Do you have a passion for mathematics? Do you need help with academic plans to become a math teacher or a mathematician? We can help so you can plan your high school and college courses.

We also tutor, both face-to-face and ONLINE , all levels of mathematics courses including:

1. Pre-Algebra
2. Algebra 1
3. Geometry
4. Algebra 2
5. Pre-Calculus
6. AP Calculus AB and BC
7. AMC 8
9. AMC 10 Math Olympiads
10. AMC 12 Math Olympiads
11. AIME Math Olympiads
12. Math 6
13. Math 7/8 Enhanced
14. Integrated/Enhanced Math I
15. Integrated/Enhanced Math II
16. Integrated/Enhanced Math III